10th Anniversary Workshops: Global Security

Security Populisms and Insecure Transmissions Coordinator: Paul Amar. Friday, 26 February: 9:30-11:30  Security and Popular Agency:  Roundtable 1 Kamala Visweswaran, Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego, “’Informers, Traitors and Vigilantes’: Unpopular Agencies in ‘Post-Conflict’ South Asia” Flavia Medeiros, Anthropology, SFSU, “Man and Monster: The Institutional Racialization of Corpses by Morgue and Police in Rio de Janeiro” […]Read More

10th Anniversary Workshops: EJ/CJ

Whose Globalization? / Whose Justice? Schedule Friday, February 26, morning session (9 am – 12:30 PM) Working with/on EJ/CJ movements:  Beyond Scholar-Activism? John Foran and David Pellow, Co-organizers John Foran, Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies, UCSB “After Paris: Building the Global Justice Movement of the Future” David Pellow, Dehlsen Chair and Professor of Environmental […]Read More

10th Anniversary Workshops: Governance & Human Rights

EXPANDING HUMAN RIGHTS: 21ST CENTURY NORMS AND GOVERNANCE In the 21st century, the human rights repertoire established during the post-war years is necessary but not sufficient for global governance of an expanding range of abuses.  All human rights campaigns must work to establish standards of violation, legitimate bearers of rights, responsibility to address human rights claims, […]Read More

10th Anniversary Workshops: Political Economy & Development

Structural and Historical Roots of Economic Inequality: A Global Perspective In recent decades, economic inequality within countries has risen more often than it has fallen.  Amongst both advanced and developing countries, the share of labor in national income has fallen in more countries than it has risen, while income and wage distributions have tended to […]Read More

Crisis: The 2012 Santa Barbara Global Studies Conference

The University of California, Santa Barbara held an interdisciplinary global studies conference on a wide range of topics for scholars, both established and in the graduate stage, from the West Coast and beyond, under the general theme of crisis as salient feature of current global conditions. Crisis was understood at every level, from the economic […]Read More

Methodology in the Study of Religious Movements

January 11, 2014 University of California, Santa Barbara This workshop on the study of religious movements in a global context was part of a collaborative project between the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies and the Danish Institute for International Studies. The workshop, held at the Orfalea Center on the UC Santa Barbara campus, aimed to provide […]Read More