Nubia Podcast Series – Episode 1: Nubia Is Still Alive

Episode 1 – Nubia Is Still Alive Today: Identity, Memory and Liminality in Displacement While enduring various waves of migration displacements and cultural and political marginalization, Nubians have been living in a liminal space of collective memory, nostalgia, and reconstructed identities. In Egypt, after the displacement of 1964, Nubians are now dispersed in a number […]Read More

Egypt’s Unique Sound: The Political Economy of Mahraganat Dance Music

Egypt’s Unique Sound: The Political Economy of Mahraganat Dance Music This episode touches on the origins of Egyptian mahraganat music, a popular electro-street music, as well as discusses song production, media technologies, political dimensions, and distribution, both local and transnational. This episode will also look at the importance of Egyptian ashwaiyyat, or informal neighborhoods, as […]Read More

Tunisia Series: Episode 2 – “Tunisia on the Global Stage”

Episode 2: Tunisia on the Global Stage    This episode shifts focus to the impact of President Saied’s governance on Tunisia’s internal and external political relationships. It explores international perspectives on Tunisia, its relationships with regional neighbors, and the country’s standing on the global stage. The episode also briefly touches on the future of Tunisia’s […]Read More

A World of Ties to a Sea of Islands: Seeking

Hannan is Global Studies major with an Arabic language focus Oceania is fighting on the frontlines of the climate crisis as climate disasters have only become more violent and frequent in recent years. Rising sea levels, warming temperatures, and more frequent climate disasters threaten to sustain the livelihood of Pacific Islanders and raise the likelihood […]Read More

Refugees & Asylum Seekers in Seoul: Syrian Integration Into Car

Miligros is a Global Studies major Milagros’s research explores how Syrian refugees have established a sense of community in Seoul, particularly within the neighborhood known as “Car Town.” These refugees and asylum seekers face a lot of language barriers and employment restrictions and live in social and legal discrimination. I anticipate learning more about how […]Read More

Beyond Security: Reimagining Palestinian Mental Health under Administrative Detention and

Bailey is a 4th year undergraduate student in the Global Studies department at UC Santa Barbara. Bailey’s research aims to examine the profound impact of administrative detention and military violence on Palestinian youth within the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, particularly focusing on the social and psychological impacts of trauma. Israel’s use of arbitrary detention has sparked […]Read More