A World of Ties to a Sea of Islands: Seeking sincerity in global kinship towards Tongan Resilience – by Hannan Reimer 

Hannan is Global Studies major with an Arabic language focus

Oceania is fighting on the frontlines of the climate crisis as climate disasters have only become more violent and frequent in recent years. Rising sea levels, warming temperatures, and more frequent climate disasters threaten to sustain the livelihood of Pacific Islanders and raise the likelihood of climate-related migration. Through this research, I aim to use Tonga as a case study for issues of climate injustice – how are Tongans engaging in decision-making processes and collective action that affect the sustenance of their ancestral lands? From grassroots to global collaboration, do the power dynamics at play at the forefront of Tongan prosperity, Tongan practices, collective Tongan decision-making, avoidance of Tongan displacement, and climate-related migration?

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Omar Mansour
Omar Mansour
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