February 15 | 2019

The Global Dimensions of Religious Othering

Organizers: Professors Kathie Moore and Mark Juergensmeyer Abstract: The topic of religious othering — stereotyping of people of other faiths in a prejudicial way  — has become an aspect of nationalist politics and social conflict around the world. At Goettingen University in Germany and UC Santa Barbara in the United States, the […]

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March 1 | 2019

Research Agendas for the Study of Terrorism Workshop

The Orfalea Center is bringing together leading scholars of terrorism to focus on research agendas for deepening our collective understanding of terrorism, counterterrorism, media presentations and public perceptions of the problem of terrorism and responses to it. […]

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March 4 | 2019

Fukushima + Eight: Lessons from Citizen Science in Japan

In the aftermath of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, the Japanese state has assembled technologies of decontamination and monitoring that fundamentally reconfigured the environment, together with its human and non-human inhabitants. In the eight years since, civic organizations across Asia have enlisted citizen science to grapple with the uncertainties of […]

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Orfalea News

Critical Studies on Terrorism Special Section

An upcoming special section of the journal Critical Studies on Terrorism will feature articles from participants of the After After 9/11 Working Group hosted by the Orfalea Center’s Global Security Hub. The six articles assembled in the special section interrogate the important question, “Is there an After, After 9/11?” from a number of […]

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