Convenience over Care: Observing the Relationship Between Workers, Mega Companies, and Legislative Regulation through the Brumadinho Dam Tragedy in Brazil – Kimberly Nickel

Kimberly is a Global Studies BA and Sociology BA

There is extensive environmental legislation in place to regulate mining in Brazil, yet the actual enforcement of these regulations is shaky, considering the continued health risks endured by mining workers and local communities. A clear representation of this negligence can be seen through the Brumadinho disaster, where a dam in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, collapsed in 2019, causing 270 deaths and severe environmental damage. The relationship between Vale, federal regulation, and pressure for workers’ rights through the lens of the failure can provide a further understanding of how the broader socio-environmental implications of corruption in mining giants and global companies impact Brumadinho dam workers and communities in relation to mining.

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Omar Mansour
Omar Mansour
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