New Book: Exploring Emergent Global Thresholds

The Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies is pleased to announce their newest publication, “Exploring Emergent Global Thresholds: Towards 2030,” published by Orient Blackswan, and edited by Orfalea Center Distinguished Fellow Richard Falk. This volume presents multiple viewpoints on the possible future of the planet, as well as on what people in different parts of […]Read More

New Book: Expanding Human Rights

The Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies and the Governance & Human Rights Research Hub are pleased to announce their newest publication, “Expanding Human Rights: 21st Century Norms and Governance”. This volume was developed as part of the Governance & Human Rights Hub’s 2017 workshop on human rights, and is edited by the Hubs […]Read More

Rethinking the Relevance of Pacifism in IR: The Case for

The theory and practice of pacifism has long been silenced and ignored in international relations, in large part because of a series of misconceptions and misrepresentations about its credibility and relevance. However, a growing body of recent research highlights the growing success of nonviolence and the decline in the efficacy of violence. In this talk, […]Read More

Othering in ISIS

  The Orfalea Center Research Hub on Religion in Global Public LIfe is hosting a colloquium on a work in progress entitled “Othering in ISIS”. Mark Juergensmeyer very recently has been in the region of Iraq and Syria to conduct research, and will be reporting on his findings in this colloquium. Based on his interviews, […]Read More

Habits and Policy: The Social Construction of Foreign Policymaking Processes

  You are invited to the monthly meeting of the Global Security Hub. This meeting will feature a working paper presented by Dr. Mariano E. Bertucci, Visiting Scholar at the Department of Political Science and the Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies. His work focuses on logics of social action and foreign policymaking processes (on trade […]Read More

Democratic Peace and the Wisdom of Crowds

You are invited to the third monthly meeting of the Global Security Hub. This months working paper will be presented by Dr. Brad LeVeck, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Merced. Dr. LeVeck’s work focuses on the role that information and cognition play in strategic decision-making. His work has been published […]Read More