Global Security

Global Security

The Interdisciplinary Research Hub on Global Security brings together scholars from across the social sciences, humanities, sciences and engineering to examine contemporary issues of security, conflict, risk, humanitarian intervention, militarization, disaster management and related security institutions for conflict management. Our aim is to develop an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of new research and for public engagement. 

An Afternoon and Evening with Dr. Ruken Sengul

On December 3, 2019, the Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies and the Center for Middles East Studies will host Dr. Ruken Sengul for a series of events associated with her work with Kurdish feminist history and current political reality. Please join us for an afternoon of thoughtful conversation during

FROM BEIRUT TO BAGHDAD – Vices from the Ground

Goleta Valley Community Center, Room 7 Please join us at a live video conference with UCSB Professor Sherene Seikaly, Nadya Sbaiti and Omar Sirri (American University of Beirut) this Sunday morning to learn about the latest situation of the demonstrations across Lebanon and Iraq.  This event is organized by the

Governing for Revolution

Abstract: Why do some rebel groups undertake costly, intensive governance projects that trigger resistance and violence, undermine their legitimacy, strengthen rival rebel groups, and even put their own combatants and civilians at risk, while other rebel groups do not? Some rebel groups undertake maximal and intensive governance that is so