Environmental Justice / Climate Justice (EJ/CJ)

Conveners: John Foran, Melody Jue, anne-elise lewallen, David Pellow, Tess Shewry, and Richard Widick

Global warming, climate change, and environmental destruction are pressing global social problems nested inside a historical moment characterized by increasing economic insecurity, racial and gender formations of rising inequality and unequal access to all forms of well-being, failing political institutions, degradation of human rights and public discourse, and seemingly intractable, pernicious forms of structural, institutional violence that cut across and exacerbate each of these existential concerns.

The EJ/CJ research hub studies these global contours of environmental and climate injustice, investigates their deep structures and histories, and seeks to intervene in their current political, cultural, economic, and social practices and discourses by engaging the social movements, discursive productions, and policy measures that address them.

Our collective efforts proceed by producing critical knowledges; building transformative knowledge networks that bridge the academic, social movement, and policy domains; and actively intervening publicly in each of these crucial arenas.

Critical Security Studies Lunch with Prof. Omar Dahi

THIS WEDNESDAY, January 29, from 1-3pm, the Orfalea Center will be hosting an impromptu (but very stimulating conversation) with visiting scholar Dr. Omar Dahi. In Girvetz Hall 2320. Lunch and snacks will be provided.    Attached here you’ll find selected very short readings which you might want to skim before you arrive. These will