Governance and Human Rights

Governance & Human Rights

Conveners: Alison Brysk and Michael Stohl

The Governance and Rights Hub investigates and analyzes global patterns of rights, rule, policy, and institutions. Concerns include Who rules urgent problems that cross borders? How effectively? Are they legitimate? What are the shifting relationships in and among states, markets, global institutions, and global civil society? How do these global patterns of governance affect the rights and empowerment of individuals and communities? What’s new in the “21st Century Global Dynamics” of this process?

Global Governance Symposium

GLOBAL GOVERNANCE SYMPOSIUM FRIDAY, April 24th, 9:30-12:30 University Center ‘Flying A Studio’, UC Santa Barbara featuring: Madeline Baer, San Diego State University: “Water Politics, Rights, and Governance” Jennifer Ramos, Loyola Marymount University: “Global Security Issues in International Institutions” with comments by UCSB faculty: Mark Buntaine, Bren School of Environmential Science

New Perspectives on Human Rights in the Middle East

Gershon Shafir, University of California San Diego — “Israeli Arabs as Second-Class Citizens” Keith Watenpaugh, University of California, Davis — “Syrian Refugees and the Right to Education: A Lost Generation” with comments by UCSB Professor Sherene Seikaly (History) Speakers: Gershon Shafir received his B.A.s in Economics, Political Science, and Sociology

Human Rights in Greece: Challenges and Prospects

Human Rights in Greece: Challenges and Prospects Prof. George Andreopoulos City University of New York Friday, October 23, 2015 — 1:00 PM McCune Room, 6020 HSSB George Andreopoulos is Professor of Political Science and a member of the doctoral faculty of the Political Science and Criminal Justice programs at the