Transnationalizing the Study of the United States Cluster Presentations

Friday April 28th, 2023

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Girvetz Hall 2320 

Prof. Paul Amar, Director of the Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies, and our Orfalea Center team invite you to the finale in a series of in-person gatherings and presentations to build community and celebrate the many accomplishments and future plans of the Orfalea Center Thematic Research Clusters.  

This Friday at 3-4:30pm we will provide free food and unite many friendly colleagues and students. This event will be in 2320 Girvetz Hall (the building opposite from the Girvetz classroom building). This event features the final presentation of the quarter from the “Transnationalizing the Study of the United States” research cluster. The overall goal of this cluster is to decenter the United States and transnationalize the study of this country’s role globally. Speakers include: Drs. Lisa Hajjar (Dept. of Sociology), Terrance Wooten (to be confirmed) (Dept. of Black Studies), Alejandro Ollin Prado (UC Riverside), and PhD student Leila Zonouzi (Dept. of Global Studies). They will present the work of the Orfalea Center’s Thematic Research Cluster and the Research Resources (see link here and flyer below). 

The focus of this cluster has been to understand how the United States has impacted world politics today as a result of the “war on terror. In line with their transnational emphasis they focus on how the political and intellectual bodies within the Middle East and Latin America have responded, interacted, collaborated, and criticized the implications of the “war on terror” in regards to international affairs/regional politics and international law/human rights. Their current focus is on: security and surveillance, terror and counter-terror, resistance, and rationalization of violence. Their goal is to build intellectual transnational connections with research centers, community organizations, and think tanks in the Global South. See event flyer below. And Teaching Resources and publications that this cluster has posted for public use on the Orfalea Center Website can be found here: 

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