Pedagogy and The Freedom School – An Interview with Dr. Felice Blake

 Pedagogy and The Freedom School – An Interview with Dr. Felice Blake:

Professor Felice Blake shares some of her thoughts on pedagogy, pra.cticing scholarship that is engaged with the community,  and the myths of colorblindness in the humanities fields. Blake tells us about her experience growing up in Santa Barbara, leaving, and eventually returning to teach at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her perspectives on starting with learning about where you are, linking that with global issues of colonialism, racism, and structural violence, and being actively involved with one’s local communities.  She also gives listeners who are interested in learning more about structural oppression, carcerality, racism and racialization, and decoloniality some amazing recommendations for books and novels to read on the topic.

Dr. Felice Blake
Yahia Saleh, Nubian Activist and Scholar

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Omar Mansour
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