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Pandemics Past Bibliography

The works below are science journalism texts that address how different bodies of people (such as the general public, governments, NGOs, and scientific communities) came to know about pandemics previous to COVID-19. The lenses through which these works attempt to portray the moments of initial contact with emerging viruses are varied. While many authors point to the continued failure of governing bodies to detect and contain these highly contagious diseases, others also point to the role of social, cultural, and environmental factors that have either exacerbated mishandlings of pandemics or frustrated and complicated attempts to understand emerging viruses. These works are significant not only for how they depict the struggle to (epistemologically, biologically, and politically) “capture” emerging viruses, but also as epistemological and cultural objects themselves. This bibliography is a companion to the Mediations of COVID-19 Bibliography.

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Branswell, Helen. “What the world learned in eradicating smallpox: Unity mattered.” STAT. May 8, 2020.

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Zimmerman, Barry and David Zimmerman. Killer Germs: Microbes and Diseases That Threaten Humanity. New York and Chicago: McGraw-Hill, 2003.

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