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Zimbabwe: Land Repossession, Autonomy and the Global Racial Capitalist Retribution Annotated Bibliography

UCSB Professor Ricardo Jacobs and Global Partners from the Sam Moyo African Institute of Agrarian Studies created an annotated bibliography on the Compensation for the Land Occupation or Fast Track Land Reform. It details how much compensation is being requested and by who? This This list of resources discusses the sanctions in Zimbabwe, what those sanctions entail, and which countries have all imposed sanctions. This list will also be considering documents outlining economic and political sanctions. This includes any government, academic or newspaper articles that engages with the nature and consequences of sanctions and the material need for compensation and/or land repossession. This is part of a broader project of understanding land repossession and the retribution from the racial capitalist social order, with case studies of Haiti, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The annotated bibliography is a developing resource and database of literature on the unfolding land repossession and retribution in Zimbabwe. The next step is to examine contemporary South Africa and the  historical case of Haiti. This will be an open access resource to students, scholars, movements and activists in the Global South and North.

Zimbabwe Welcomes Removal of Its Banks from US Sanctions List | Voice of America - English

Created by Global Partners:  Steve Mberi and Walter Chambati of the Sam Moyo African Institute of Agrarian Studies (SMAIAS)


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