Governance and Accountability in International NGOs

A workshop sponsored by the Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies, held at UC Santa Barbara on November 10-11, 2006

Introduction – Mark Juergensmeyer (UC Santa Barbara)

Civil Society Perspectives on Humanitarian Intervention – Richard Falk (UC Santa Barbara)

Civil Society, Globalization and Global Civil Society – Krishan Kumar (University of Virginia)

Legitimacy and the Rise of NGOs: The Global and Local in South Asia – George Thomas, N. Chhetri, K. Hussaini (Arizona State University)

Does the Involvement of Global Civil Society Make International Decision-Making More Democratic? The Case of the ICC

– Marlies Glasius (LSE/ Amsterdam)

Civil Society, the World Social Forum, and the Crisis of the Globalist Project – A Commentary

– Walden Bello (University of the Philippines)

full text PDF of this selection of papers

Versions of these papers were jointly published in the Journal of Civil Society (Helmut Anheier, ed.), Volume 4, Issue 1, 2008

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