Archive News: Orfalea Center director Michael Stohl at UAE terrorism conference

The Forum, which includes world-renowned experts and former high-ranking officials within the U.S. administration, will discuss the unprecedented challenges of radicalization facing the Arab world and the international community at large. The panelists will discuss topics including: the future vision and strategy of the U.S. in the Middle East, what can be expected from the U.S. led world alliance in attaining security, the impact of extremism on affected societies, as well as the various measures that can be taken to combat the threat of terrorism in the Gulf region.

In an effort to create a safe and stable region, the invited panelists — including a former U.S. Commander-in-chief and a former NATO Supreme Allied Commander alongside other international panelists acclaimed within the fields of policy-making and academia — will provide insights and answers pertaining to challenging questions on the threat of extremism and how strategic policies can be applied to tackle such threats.

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