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Political Economy & Development

The political-economy and development hub serves to bring together the large and diverse group of faculty and graduate students at UCSB who study development - howsoever defined or contested. Political-economy provides a focal point, not a boundary - any work that speaks to political-economy questions is welcomed. The hub’s primary functions are to stimulate cross-disciplinary conversations about development issues, and for faculty studying development to obtain useful feedback on research projects.

The hub has identified three areas of overlapping interest:

  1. Statecraft / governance
  2. Comparative political-economy
  3. Critical approaches to development

Archive News: Haiti Neighborhood Redevelopment Project

Participating UCSB Faculty Nadège T. Clitandre, Department of Global & International Studies Diane Fujino, Asian American Studies, and Director, Center for Black Studies Research Philip McCarthy, Department of Global and International Studies Claudine Michel, Department of Black Studies graduate students: Enrique Villa, Department of Global & International Studies Jamella Gow, […]

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