• Event / Office Coordinator

Area of Emphasis: Knowledge Sharing Facilitation

  • 2323 Girvetz
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Areas of emphasis: Terrorism, counter-terror policy, political communication and public opinion.

  • 2327 Girvetz
Benjamin K. Smith
  • Graduate Student Researcher

Areas of Emphasis: Public opinion, mass communication, perceptions of terrorism, research methods, media effects, framing, information processing

Research Method Specializations: Statistical analysis, predictive modeling, network analysis, survey design & analysis, survey experiments, discourse analysis, content analysis

  • 2328 Girvetz
  • Social Sciences & Media Studies Bldg 4419
  • Director

Areas of Emphasis: Globalization, international organizations, & political communicaiton with special reference to terrorism and human rights.

Interdisciplinary Research Hub Affiliation(s): Michael Stohl is associated with the Global Governance & Human Rights hub and the Global Security hub.

  • 805-893-7935
  • 2325 Girvetz