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Interdisciplinary Research Hub Affiliation(s): Governance and Human Rights hub and Global Security hub 

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Project co-leader, Global Climate Change, Human Security, and Democracy

  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Areas of emphasis: Terrorism, counter-terror policy, political communication and public opinion.

  • 2327 Girvetz
  • Fellow

Project co-leader, Global Climate Change, Human Security, and Democracy

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Interdisciplinary Reseaerch Hub Affiliation(s): Global Security hub

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Interdisciplinary Research Hub Affiliation(s): Religion, Culture, Identity, and the State hub


Visiting Research Scholar Information

The Orfalea Center facilitates limited visiting research scholar affiliations with researchers and others engaged in activities associated with Center projects and areas of interest. Such affilations must be self-funded by the scholar's home institution or through fellowships/awards. See the Center directory for a list of current visiting scholars.


Mitsuhisa Fukutomi (Hitotsubashi University) 2015-16
Asmat Ullah (Quaid-i-Azam University) 2015-16
Lasse Lindekilde (Aarhus University) 2014-15
Daniele Archibugi (Italian National Research Council) 2015
Hans Schattle (Yonsei University, Korea) 2015
Rao Shuying (East China Normal University) 2014-2015
Ozlem Arpac Arconian (SOAS, London) 2013-14
Uwes Fatoni (Padjadjaran University Bandung, Indonesia) 2013-14
Li Xiaofeng (Xinjiang University, China) 2013-14
Mona Kanwal Sheikh (Danish Institute of International Studies) 2013-14, 2008-09
Karel Cerny (Charles University, Prague) 20012-13, 2009-10
Manuél Ruben Dominguez Mena (University of Salamanca, Spain) 2012-13
Andreas Johansson (Lund University) 2012-13
Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski (University of Potsdam) 2012-13, 2009-10
Sara Kamali (Oxford University) 2012-2015
Alberto Ribes (University of Complutense, Madrid) 2011-12
Ravi Roy (Caifornia State University, Northridge) 2011-2015
Ann Louise Bardach (freelance journalist) 2010-13
Scott Kline (University of Waterloo, Canada) 2010-11
Peter Lance (freelance journalist) 2010-11
Steven Nalevansky (film/tv producer) 2010-12
Roland Benedikter (European Foundations Fellow; Europe Center, Stanford) 2009-2015
Katsuhiro Kohara (Doshisha University, Kyoto) 2009-10
Hagen Schulz-Forberg (Aarhus University, Denmark) 2009-10
Huiyu Yang (Nanjing University, China) 2009-10
Reza Aslan (UC Riverside) 2008-10
Steve Eskow (Pangaea Network, Africa) 2008-10
Barbara Lüthi (University of Basel) 2007-08
Berthold Molden (University of Vienna) 2007-08
Amandeep Sandhu (Temple University) 2007-08
Salvador Murguia (Miyazaki International College, Japan) 2006-08
Anne-Marie Oliver (Pacific Northwest College of Art) 2006-08


The Orfalea Center has hosted several senior and junior scholars from universities affiliated with the Erasmus Mundus European Masters program in global studies, which is comprised of 5 core universities: London School of Economics (England), University of Leipzig (Germany), University of Vienna (Austria), University of Wroclaw (Poland), and Roskilde University (Denmark). Visitors have included:

Thomas Ertl, University of Vienna
Martina Kaller-Dietrich, University of Vienna
David Mayer, University of Vienna
Leopold Koegler, University of Vienna
Heidrun Zinecker, University of Leipzig
Dominik Kopinski, University of Wrozlaw
Beata Ociepka, University of Wrozlaw
Sebastian Plóciennik, University of Wrozlaw
Elzbieta Stadtmuller, University of Wrozlaw
Marek Wróblewski, University of Wrozlaw
Ole Bruun, Roskilde University
Laurids Sandager Lauridsen, Roskilde University
Gorm Rye Olsen, Roskilde University