Orfalea Center Celebrates 10th Anniversary

On February 25 the Orfalea Center celebrated its 10th year anniversary with an invitational banquet commemorating the vision of Paul and Natalie Orfalea to create the Masters in Global and International Studies program as well as the Orfalea Center itself under founding director Mark Juergensmeyer, whose leadership was also recognized at the event. The keynote speaker was Reza Aslan, UCSB alumnus, religion scholar, and media figure.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, the center hosted a series of Parallel Workshops, each built around the thematic area and research work of a group of Center-sponsored Interdisciplinary Research Hubs in the areas of Political Economy and Development; Global Governance and Human Rights; Global Environment / Climate Justice; Global Security; and Religion, Culture, Identity, and the State.

To learn more about the research hubs and projects currently being sponsored by the Orfalea Center, visit our Orfalea Center Research page. To find out more about the 10th anniversary celebration and the 2016 University of California, Santa Barbara Joint Workshops Conference, visit the anniversary news page.